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Free Dan Brown's Inferno Audiobook
Get Dan Browns latest mystery thriller Inferno in the Robert Langdon series absolutely free with a 30 trial from audiobook specialists Audible.
Expires: Unknown
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Free Audiobooks of the Latest Titles
Join Audible and enjoy two free audiobooks including The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling and other titles worth around £20 each!
Free Stuff UK Expires: n/a
4 Free MoneyWeek Magazine Issues
Get four freebie issues of Money Week magazine and enjoy the latest financial news and advice in an easy to read format.
Expires: Limited
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Which? Magazine and Website Trial for Just £1
Sign up for a month trial of Which? for their free magazine, access to 1,000's of independent and highly respected reviews, and consumer legal advice
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
The Week Magazine Six Free Issues
A unique digest bringing together the best of the British and international press for the week. Get your six free issues while they last!
Free Magazines Expires: Limited
Mills & Boon Two Free Books + Extra Freebie
Join the Mills & Boon book club now, and they'll send you two free books and a mystery gift too, plus you can keep your freebies and pay absolutely nothing!
Free Books Expires: n/a
New Internationalist Three Issues
New Internationalist Three Free Issues
Sign up now for a free trial of this great magazine, that's packed with global news stories and insights, often overlooked by mainstream media
Free Magazines Expires: Limited Offer
Free Doctor Who eBooks
The BBC has commissioned a number of short stories from the Doctor Who universe over recent years – download them now absolutely free in eBook format.
Expires: Unknown
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Free Fiction Books
WHSmith is giving away free books from its Autumn Book Club to O2 customers – get your free sim now and start enjoying all these free goodies too.
Expires: 6 October 2013
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Free The War of the Worlds Kindle Book
Amazon is currently giving away this sci-fi classic from H.G. Wells to lucky Kindle owners – simply sign in and download to enjoy this fantastic read.
Expires: Unknown
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Free Magazine Issues
The Magazine Group frequently give away a variety of magazines, inc. PC Pro, EVO, Men's Fitness, Digital SLR Photography, Bloomberg, and many more!
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free Einstein's Theory of Relativity Kindle Book
Einstein is one of the greatest scientists in history and now Amazon has made a book about his theory of relativity available completely free for Kindle.
Expires: Unknown
freebies uk, free science books, free kindle books
Free Britain Magazine Issue
Britain is a magazine rich in heritage, from the rulers of the land, its heroes, villains, castles and cathedrals, stately homes, countryside and coastline.
Expires: n/a
free stuff uk, free magazine issues, free uk tourist guides
Free Real Living Magazine Issue
Help give your home a makeover with inspired ideas with this magazine from Harvey's that's full of loads of designs and furnishings from their stores.
Expires: n/a
freebies uk, free magazines, free home makeover ideas
Free What Hi-fi Magazine Issue
What Hi-fi is giving away free issues of their highly respected magazine that's packed full of the latest home entertainment news and reviews.
Expires: n/a
freebies uk, free magazine copies, free home entertainment magazines
Free Sky at Night Magazine Issue
The Telegraph is giving away free copies of the Sky at Night magazine with everything you need to know to understand the universe.
Expires: 24 February 2013
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Free Magazine Issues
The Telegraph is giving away free magazine issues including Digital Photo, Trail, Country Walking, Bird Watching, Garden Answers, CAR, and more.
Expires: 28 February 2013
free samples uk, free magazine copies, free magazines
Free ‘The Cutting Room' Book
What's On TV is giving away forty copies of this gripping new thriller from the author of the bestselling Retribution Jilliane Hoffman.
Expires: 24 February 2013
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Free Star Gazing Guide
The Open University is giving away this free handy pocket sized guide that'll help you discover some amazing facts about the objects in the night sky.
Expires: n/a
free stuff uk, free astronomy guide, free star charts
Dorling Kindersley Free Books
Sign up to the 'Club DK' review panel for a chance to review new books every month and get a free copy to keep!
Free Books Expires: n/a
Free Great Britain Road & Travel Guides
The Telegraph has teamed up with Michelin to give away fifty freebie sets of their guides to Great Britain & Ireland and the latest Road Atlas too.
Free Stuff UK Expires: 17 November 2012
Free Icons of Wales Booklet
The Open University is giving away freebie copies of this booklet that celebrates eleven prominent figures in Welsh history.
Free Stuff UK Expires: Limited
Free Library eBooks & Audiobooks
Lots of libraries across the UK are joining the digital revolution and are now lending out eBooks and audiobooks directly online.
Expires: n/a
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Free Scrabble Player's Handbook
Download this free eBook from the world's best Scrabble tournament players – and maybe you'll be better in Words with Friends or Alphajax too!
Expires: n/a
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Free i Newspaper Issues
Sign up for a week's worth of freebie issues of the UK's newest daily newspaper – simply print off the vouchers and redeem instore.
Free Samples UK Expires: Limited
4 Issues of Grazia for Just £1
Grazia brings you the latest fashion and beauty trends, celeb news, features, and real-life stories every week.
Expires: Limited
Free Vintage Spirit Magazine Issue
Steam Fair FM is giving away freebie issues of Vintage Spirit magazine featuring all the latest from the world of steam and vintage trains.
Free Stuff UK Expires: 30 September 2012
Free Wartime Farm Booklet
The Open University is giving away freebie copies of their booklet to accompany the TV series about how the war affected agriculture.
Free Stuff UK Expires: Limited
Free Asian Global Impact Magazine Issue
AGI is the UK's first Pan-Asian business and lifestyle magazine – sign up now to get a freebie issue.
Expires: n/a
Free Digital Comics
Comixology has loads of freebie issues of popular comics inc. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Joker, Superman, and more.
Expires: n/a
Free Active Traveller Magazine Subscription
Enjoy a world of adventurous travelling ideas every month with a freebie subscription to Active Traveller magazine.
Expires: n/a
Free Issue of Diet Chef Magazine
To celebrate the launch of the Diet Chef magazine they are giving everyone a freebie issue.
Expires: Limited
Free TNT Magazine Subscription
Londoners can now get a freebie subscription to events magazine TNT – and get the latest info on live music, exhibitions, and much more.
Expires: n/a
Free The Tools Self Help Book
The Tools is a book designed to help you break free from the troubles and negativity holding you back – get your freebie copy now.
Expires: Limited
Free Harden's London & UK Restaurant Guide
Complete the Harden's restaurant survey and let them know your dining experiences to receive this great foodie's freebie worth over £15.
Expires: Limited
Free Comic Book
On the 5 May it's Free Comic Book Day – just pop into your local comic book store (surprising lots in the UK) to get your freebie.
Expires: 5 May 2012
Free Muscle & Fitness Magazine Issue
Simply register to claim your freebie issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine aimed at bodybuilders.
Expires: n/a
Free Motorsport News Issue
To get a freebie issue of Britain's only weekly motorsport newspaper simply call 0845 286 3165 and quote FR12.
Expires: 6 May 2012
Free Gardens Illustrated Magazine Issue
Gardens Illustrated are giving away 1,000 sample issues – just call 0844 776 0305 and quote GIAE112FR for your freebie issue.
Expires: Limited
Free Pandora Online Magazine
Jewellery maker Pandora brings you this fab freebie magazine that's full of the latest fashions, celeb stories, and so much more.
Expires: n/a
Free Bear Grylls - Gold of the Gods Book
Pick up a Persil product (or sneak the barcode off one!) to get this fab freebie from the Bear Grylls Mission: Survival series of books.
Expires: 30 April 2012
Free Grazia Magazine Issue
Get your latest fashion fix and celebrity news with a freebie issue of Grazia when you call 0845 286 3176 or text GRAZ and quoting GRA227923.
Expires: Limited
Free Moneywise Magazine Issue
Get the latest financial news and learn how to manage your finances with a freebie issue of this fantastic money magazine.
Expires: n/a
Free Books from The Telegraph
Pick up The Telegraph newspaper between 5 and 9 December to get free books by John Grisham, Joanna Trollope, Emily Brontë, and Kenneth Grahame
Expires: 9 December 2011
EVO Magazine - 3 Issues for Just £1 (Save £12.20)
Dedicated to performance cars, every issue is packed with amazing photography, rigorous road tests and nothing but the very cream of driving machines
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
PC Pro DVD Edition - 3 Issues for Just £1 (Save £13.97)
The UKs biggest selling PC monthly with professional IT news, reviews, and tests. Plus a DVD with every issue full of free software and exclusive content
Free Magazines Expires: Limited
Octane Magazine - 3 Issues for Just £1 (Save £11.90)
From Porsche to Bugatti, Octane opens up the world of the fast, the prestigious and the classic. With columnists Sir Stirling Moss, Jay Leno and Nick Mason
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
Auto Express Magazine - 6 Issues for Only £1! (Save £11)
Britain's biggest car news weekly, packed with the latest news, reviews, test drives, and spy shots, so you're always one step ahead of what's happening
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
Fortean Times Magazine - 3 Issues for Just £1 (Save £11.75)
Chart the wilderness between the known and the unknown, from sea ghosts, teenage witches, mermaid babies and conspiracy theories galore
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
MacUser Magazine - 3 Issues for Just £1 (Save £10.97)
Packed with the latest Mac news, comprehensive buyers guide, extensive reviews, world exclusives, and practical guides to getting the best out of your Mac
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
Bizarre Magazine - 3 Issues for £1 (Save £10.40!)
Outrageous but informative monthly magazine, that uncovers the very fringes of society, exposing the worlds bizarre underbelly for all to see
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
Computer Shopper - 3 Issues for £1 (Save £13.97)
With independent buying advice, hundreds of product reviews, and PC hints and tips, plus a DVD of full software and games, and much more!
Cheap Magazines Expires: Limited
Free Woman & Home Magazine Issue
Claim a freebie issue of Woman & Home magazine courtesy of the Lets Subscribe facebook page.
Expires: Limited
Free Raymond Chandler Audiobooks
More freebies from the The Telegraph with BBC Radio 4 dramatisations Chandler inc. The Big Sleep and The Long Goodbye from the 17 March.
Expires: 23 March 2012
Free Computer Shopper Magazine Issue
Simply register for a freebie issue of popular PC buying advice and review magazine Computer Shopper.
Expires: Limited
Free Issue of Top Gear Magazine
Simply call 01933446782 and quote TGQC312 to get a freebie issue of the popular automotive magazine Top Gear.
Expires: Limited
Free MacUser Magazine Issue
Apple fans or those looking to buy one of the products can rejoice with a free issue of this popular Mac magazine worth £3.99
Expires: Limited
Free BBC Star Gazing Guide
Learn about the stars in the sky, and spot famous constellations like Ursa Major and Pegasus, with this great freebie from the BBC
Expires: n/a
Free First News Children's Newspaper
Sign up for this great freebie for children that is written especially for young people and explains the stories behind the headlines
Expires: n/a
Free Marie Clair Magazine
Sign up for a freebie issue of this women's glossy magazine, full of celebrity news and interviews, beauty advice, lifestyle tips and more
Expires: Limited
Free Time Out Magazine
Sign up for a freebie issue of Time Out London for an ultimate guide to what's happening in the capital and never be stuck for things to do in the city again
Expires: Limited
Free Slow Cooker Recipe Book
Great freebie for all your aspiring cooks with these recipes designed for slow cookers including stews, pot roasts, puddings, and more
Expires: n/a
Free Practical Caravan Magazine
Sign up for a freebie issue of Britain's best-selling caravan magazine with holiday inspiration, buying advice, entertaining features, and more
Expires: n/a
Free Woman & Home Magazine
Give them a ring for a freebie issue of Woman & Home magazine for stirring stories, in-depth celebrity interviews, fashion, food, and more
Expires: Limited
Free Spikes Athletics Magazine
Sign up for a freebie copy of Spikes magazine filled with news and reviews from the world of track and field sports
Expires: n/a
Free A Christmas Carol Audiobook
A little bit of festive free stuff with this download of the classic tale from Charles Dickens in audiobook format
Expires: n/a
Free Irish Beef Recipe Book
Simply register for this great cooking freebie that'll get you a booklet packed full of brilliant beef recipes from a selection of top Irish Chefs
Expires: Limited
Free Issue of BBC Good Food Magazine
Simply call 0844 243 9864 and quote code GF3P11D for your free copy of this cookery magazine from the BBC
Free Stuff Expires: 15 December 2011
Free Issue of CAR Magazine
Simply call 08452 863 191 and quote CAR1 or text CARMAG to 60300 to get a free issue of CAR magazine stuffed with well car stuff
Expires: Limited
Animal Times Free Magazine Issue
Simply email PETA to get a free issue of their Animal Times magazine
Free Magazine Issues Expires: n/a
Free F1 Racing Magazine Issue
Free F1 Racing Magazine Issue
Simply call 0845 286 3034 and quote the code STUF11, for a free sample issue of F1 Racing, the world's best-selling F1 magazine
Free Magazines Expires: Limited Offer
Saga Magazine Free Issue
Saga Magazine Free Issue
Simply register to receive a free copy of this magazine aimed at the over 50's
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Moneywise Magazine Issue
Moneywise Magazine Free Issue
Learn to start managing your money more wisely, with a free sample issue of the UK's most popular money monthly, saving you £3.95 already!
Free Magazines Expires: Limited Offer
British Red Cross First Aid Guide
Free British Red Cross First Aid Guide
With their easy to use advice, this free guide will help ensure you have skills and the confidence, to help save a life in an emergency
Free Guides Stuff Expires: n/a
The Spectator Magazine Issue
The Spectator Free Magazine Issue
Weekly British current affairs magazines, with political analysis, literature and arts, life and laughter, all from some of the finest writers in the land
Free Magazines Stuff Expires: n/a
Hundreds of Free Amazon Kindle Books
If you're a Kindle owner or thinking of becoming one, then this huge collection of free titles, inc. classics and moderns, will be a nice addition to your library
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
The Jungle Book Free Kindle eBook
Amongst the reams of free ebooks at Amazon, you can get this classic gem by author Rudyard Kipling, absolutely free for Kindles devices – saving you £1.99!
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Betty Crocker Cookbook Free eBook
Download their latest ebook and learn how to make gorgeous soups, stews, and chillies
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Free World Heritage Guide
Discover amazing places around the world with this free guide brought to you by TripAdvisor and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Free Guides Expires: n/a
Little Book of Holiday Fun Free eBook
Great free ebook that'll help keep the kids busy while on holiday, inc. road trip games, beach games, swimming games, outdoor fun, and rainy day activities
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Free eBooks from Google
Free ebooks from writers inc. Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Dickens, and many more in formats suitable for most ebook readers
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Digital SLR Photography Free Magazine Issue
For digital SLR photographers of all abilities, it intends to inform, entertain and educate through technique articles, inspirational images and authoritative reviews
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Revolution: In World Missions Free Book
Step into the story of Dr. K.P. Yohannan, and experience the world through his eyes, from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America
Free Books Expires: n/a
Free St John Ambulances First Aid Guides
Pocket sized guide that covers the five common conditions where straightforward first aid could be the difference between a life lost and a life saved
Free Guides Expires: n/a
Apollo Free Magazine Issue
An art magazine covering everything from antiquities to contemporary work, with photography, and reviews of art galleries, and much more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free Womens Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines
Join the National Magazine Companies readers' panel for a chance to receive free magazines including Cosmopolitan, Company, Zest, and She
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free eBooks & Historical Documents
The Online Books Page has links to over 900,000 ebooks and historical documents in various electronic formats from all over the world
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Free Lego Club Junior Magazine
Sign up for a free two year subscription to this cool free magazine packed with comics, colouring pages, puzzles, games and more, for kids aged 6 and younger
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free Online Gaming Magazines
Online gaming magazines for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, PSP, DS, and MMO games, all free and available in PDF format for easy download
Free Magazines expires: n/a
Coin & Medal News Free Magazine Issue
All the latest numismatic news, info about fairs, societies, and auctions, with articles on ancient currency, all the latest info from auction sales, and much more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free Fine Literature eBooks at Project Gutenberg
Over 100,000 free ebooks, with many available to read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, any many mobiles
Free eBooks Expires: n/a
Pro Mobile Free Magazine Issue
The magazine for mobile DJs, with reviews of the latest equipment and music, the DJ music chart, the latest scene news, must haves, and much more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Nature Identification Free Book
Help identify the natural world around you, and The Woodland Trust to record the seasonal changes in your local wildlife, with this free guide book
Free Books Expires: n/a
Gods Final Witness Free Book
A cheerful story about how the world will be coming to an end soon... probably around December 2012... ok then!
Free Books Expires: n/a
No.1 for Weddings Free Magazine Issue
A fantastic magazine that'll help you to create your perfect wedding, from what you'll wear on the day, to where you'll host your wedding... and much more!
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Lego Club Free Magazine for Kids
Free Lego Club magazine for kids, with all the latest news in the Lego universe, plus cool creations, competitions, club codes, and much more!
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
The Economist Free Magazine Issue
Financial weekly that not only reports the state of the economy, but everything that effects it, from politics, to business, to technology, and much more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Friends of the Earth Free Guides
Lots of free guides covering environmental issues inc. how to save energy, recycling, conservation, reducing pollution, generating renewable power...
Free Guides Expires: n/a
Grow Your Own Food Free Guides
Learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables, forage for wild food in hedgerows and woods, how to join community food growing projects, and more
Free Guides Expires: n/a
Regtransfers Free Magazine
Stuffed full of number plates info and stories, with the best selection of numbers available, as well as news, celebrity interviews, and more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Heart Matters Free Magazine Subscription
The free magazine from the British Heart Foundation that'll show you how to keep your heart healthy
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Free Books Exchange
Book Crossing is the worlds largest free book exchange, with hundreds of thousands of members, sharing books in hundreds of countries around the world!
Free Books Expires: n/a
Industrial Technology Free Magazine Issue
The magazine for engineers with articles on deep drilling, computer networking, machine safety, hydraulics, pneumatics, and more
Free Magazines Expires: n/a
Dulux Colour Free Guide
Packed full of inspirational ideas for your home, this handy guide will help you choose the right colours, and products to decorate your home the way you want
Free Guides Expires: n/a
Freebies That You Missed...
What Car?, Autosport, F1 Racing, SAGA, Moneywise, and Money Observer Magazines for just £1. Free magazine
issues of The Economist, Kerwhizz, Whisky, Computer Active, and Moneywise. As well as tourist guides to the Northwest, and Dorling Kindersley books. Expired Archive
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